• Paula Joann4:36 pm
    I have pruned a lot of users, start talking in the chat window, so I don't have to do more
  • Paula Joann9:48 pm
    Why did anyone come here if it was not to have some chat?
  • Paula Joann12:06 am
    hi kla
  • Paula Joann12:06 am
    hi KlapnorskT
  • Paula Joann12:49 am
    KlapnorskT you can't post in the formus it will get you banned
  • Paula Joann2:31 pm
    You can post here in the chat room
  • robert-coney12:37 am
    It's a nice place, everyone, you can speak about anything you want, as long as it isn't inappropriate.
  • Paula Joann4:02 pm
    EdmondDet are you from Detroit? I grew up there.
  • Paula Joann11:57 pm
    hi steve
  • robert-coney1:17 am
    Hello there everyone.

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