• Paula Joann11:57 pm
    hi steve
  • robert-coney1:17 am
    Hello there everyone.
  • Paula Joann1:18 pm
    hi robert
  • Paula Joann10:56 pm
    people I just deleted a bunch and some have returned but all you have to do is start chatting in English and you woun't be deleted
  • robert-coney1:36 am
    Come on everyone, let's get some chatter going.
  • Paula Joann11:00 am
    I will be purging the site again if you don't post you may get deleted.
  • Paula Joann12:17 am
    tomorrow I will purge anyone that has not posted in a month will be up for deletion
  • robert-coney12:22 am
    Let's have a bit of conversation, all.
  • Paula Joann12:25 am
    hey robert
  • robert-coney12:06 am
    Hi Paula.

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